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story sketch: just this side of normal [edit: 05-02-2011]

This is shameless fan art of reymonkey's character Damien Stockholm, "a hunter of the supernatural for eighteen years who was known by his business card and reputation as 'the Spectre' and recognized on sight in more than one country". In Just this side of normal, he has been called upon to investigate a reclusive old man suspected by his Oh-So-Normal neighbours of being a vampire. When their suspicions are confirmed, the bounty hunter must decide how to deal with him.

As predictable as if it were a fifties sitcom the old man came to answer the door, grumbling all the way. The renowned hunter waited hidden around the corner of the house and peered past the edge of it slightly to watch the result of his trick.
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Nice work! I like how you created depth with the flamingo in the foreground.

One thing, though: Aren't the stairs a bit small? Considering the size of the people in the image, it doesn't look to me like someone could put a foot on that one step.

Hmm...you may be right. I was having trouble with perspective today, so it's quite possible I messed up the scale :P Oh well...it's easy enough to fix, now that you've mentioned it.
There's something so creepy about those eyeless flamingoes... :)