April 6th, 2011

LJ frustrations, and a couple of links

My plans for offering crowdfunded illustration are developing nicely, but LJ's continued service outages have made it pretty clear that I need to have at least a backup venue for hosting interactions with participants. I already intended to mirror the most recent project related posts to my own website, but I'm not sure I want to host the entire database myself, and I don't want to lose the community aspect of posting to something like LJ. Dreamwidth might be an option, but I've read that it doesn't have the option of integrating with an existing site. I guess I'll have to see if it can be done php and a feed…

Of course, having a place to interact with people is only useful if I actually use it (:P) and part of that is learning to share stuff I enjoy. To that end:

The second volume of alexandraerin  's Tales of MU has just begun with Chapter 1: The More Things Stay The Same. If you've ever been interested in ToMU, but were intimidated by the large archive, now is a good time to start!

ysabetwordsmith  did a Poetry Fishbowl yesterday, and wrote a poem based on my prompt about a guinea pig mad scientist who experiments on humans! In her own words:
"Pig Tales is a free-verse poem about the adventures of Jenny, her experiments on human subjects, and what happens when PETA shows up."
I've read it, and it's great fun! (Well worth sponsoring, if you have a few dollars to spare, and are feeling so inclined.) She also has a lot of work available to read for free, including some great serial poems, so if you enjoy poetry or stories told in verse, I encourage you to give hers a try :)