April 17th, 2011


I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who's contributed to making this project launch such a success :) Despite my ongoing struggles with fatigue, depression, and sickness, this has been the most productive week I've had in months, and it's all thanks to your enthusiasm and support! I've had a great time exploring all of the stories you've sent to far, and I'm looking forward to reading what you come up with next!

I'm still feeling sick today, and there are a few technical things I have to take care of, so there may not be a sketchy post tonight. If not, I'll try to make up for it and post both cleaned up sketches tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

I will be doing a draw at around midnight, Pacific time (GMT-7), for a random commenter to receive a custom icon to use on LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, or wherever they like to post, so if you've been lurking, and you'd like to participate, there's still time!

posted this week:
unfolding wings (rough and cleaned up sketches)
Rin (rough and cleaned up sketches)
Trevor and Jason (rough sketch, clean-up pending)
Spanish Gardens (rough sketch, clean-up pending)
Elemental (rough sketch)
Escape (rough sketch)

tips: $15

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