April 21st, 2011

picture book teaser: tanuki at play

This scene features the Tanuki brothers, Ichiro (balancing a water bucket on top of a doorway) and Jiro (placing another bucket on the ladder behind him) who will be introduced in Lorelei Makes a Friend, which will (I hope) be available in some form later this year.

Ichiro very carefully balancing a bucket on a door . . . while Jiro's behind him balancing one on the bottom step of Ichiro's stepladder
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This is a rough concept sketch - this particular scene may not appear in the book itself, so rather than work on it further, any tips received will be counted as support for the book as a whole. The author, ego_sideways, and I do not have a publisher giving us royalty advances, so tips of any amount are, as usual, greatly appreciated :)

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