April 24th, 2011


Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! Even if you don't, I hope you're enjoying the chocolate!
I've had quite a busy week, and my sleep schedule has been shifting later again. My sleep cycle has always been naturally delayed, but I slept from sunrise to mid-afternoon yesterday, and although that's not the latest I've ever slept, it is a bit much, even for me. It doesn't pose as big a problem as it does in winter, when the sun sets really early, but it's still tiring, so I will be trying to move it back a little. 

Today, I have one sketch prompt to work on, and then I'm not sure...maybe cleaning up SketchFest pics and/or working on advertising. Or I might just crawl under a blanket and read. ~Å~

posted this week:
spanish gardens (cleaned-up sketch)
trevor and jason (cleaned-up sketch)
the undeadslayer (rough sketch)
working on the railroad (rough sketch)
tanuki at play (picture book teaser)
molly and hel (rough sketch)
escape (cleaned-up sketch)
seven pictures from sketchfest

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story sketch: first warning

This is a sketch based on a scene by [personal profile] birgitriddle in which an unrepentant renegade mage is visited by representatives of the Cult and Terrorist Investigation Unit.

Gwyneira Emmet meets with a leader of a cult who goes by the name of Xavier.
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