April 27th, 2011

unfinished fan art

I started this late, so it's not even close to being finished, but I wanted to post something tonight, and I think there's enough of it in place to amuse some people ^_^

Clopin, as designed by animator Mike Surrey belongs to the Walt Disney Company.
The TARDIS, disguised as a big blue box, of course belongs to The Doctor.

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I've just (okay, several hours ago ago - I started typing this and then wandered off before posting XP) finished reading the first instalment of haikujaguar's Three Micahs column on pricing, in which she does an excellent job of illustrating the distinction between value and price.

My Inner Artist was surprised to discover that her jaguar counterpart is the one who wants to charge more for her work. My Artist could not be less interested in money. For her, the value of art is that she enjoys making it, and (I hope) others enjoy looking at it. Marketer and Business Manager have to rein her in to keep her from working for free.

So far, I think I've been approaching my illustration work as a service as much as a product. That is to say that what I'm offering is not just a sketch, but the opportunity to have a sketch made. I believe that has a few of the market-valuable characteristics listed, but it doesn't provide much in terms of sensory input.

The traditional way for illustrators to make money is based on charging licensing fees for others to turn artwork into products. I do think that's fair; if you are making money from selling a product that includes my art, it makes sense for me to get a share of the profit. Most of my audience, however, is unlikely to have either the budget or the need for this type of licensing - which also means my Inner Marketer will have to work on developing products herself in order to get the Artist's work in the (literal and figurative) hands of more people. Stuff to think about...

in other news:
I finally added a sticky post to both my DW and LJ with links to the full call for prompts, so newcomers will know how to participate :)

I've got a story sketch to do, and then I'll probably do some more work on my Clopin & TARDIS piece. It's not something I can take money for directly, but the idea is too much fun to discard, and I might be able to use it to attract a few more followers from the HoND and Doctor Who fandoms...

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