April 30th, 2011


I had a miserable sleepless night, plagued by stomach problems and too much noise, which, as usual, is wreaking havoc with both my emotions and my body clock, so I've spent most of the day in a useless, depressive fog.
In an attempt to distract myself, I did watch a beautiful animated film early this morning, called The Secret of Kells, which, like the book it's about, is richly textured and visually stunning. I'll have to watch it again when I'm in a better mood.
I also went for a walk around the neighbourhood this afternoon - something I used to do regularly, but fell out of the habit of doing during the long rainy season. I'm sure my lack of exercise over the past several months is at least partially to blame for my emotional instability these days.
Oh well...at least there's a new ep of Doctor Who to watch...maybe that will cheer me up a bit.

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