May 24th, 2011

status: open for commissions!

I'm out of story prompts, and my book projects seem to have been delayed, so I'm available for private commissions! If you, or anyone you know is looking for artwork that falls outside the range of my Story Sketches project, now is the time to ask!

The art tag here on my journal, and the galleries at have samples of what I can do. All my recent work is done digitally in ArtRage Studio Pro, for a natural media look without the mess :) That means I don't ship original artwork, but I can make prints available through Imagekind, if anyone wants a physical copy.

The sponsorship targets from my call for prompts should give a fair idea of my price range, e.g. for A4 or similar size, 300dpi (print resolution) complete scenes (with one-few character(s) doing something in an environment):

  • $75 - monochrome, continuous tone (chalk/pencil tool) drawing

  • $100 - one colour line-art (ink pen tool, stippling/crosshatch style shading)

  • $150 - full colour image

Smaller and simpler images, such as spot illustrations or portraits from exact photo reference will, of course, cost less, and I can be flexible on pricing for personal projects that don't need reproduction rights, so let me know if you're on a budget!

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