June 5th, 2011


So, an offhand comment in an e-mail triggered ego_sideways's imagination, and it would seem that I've gone from making a slideshow to working on a short clip of actual animation 0.o Funny how all the stuff I read as a kid is suddenly becoming useful ^_^

signal boost:

[personal profile] aldersprig has released Tales for the Sugar Cat, a collection of short fiction, most of which was written during a live-writing fundraiser she held to help cover the cost of caring for her diabetic cat.

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith will be doing a poetry fishbowl this Tuesday, with the theme "alternative sexuality and gender studies". I know this is a subject many of my friends feel very strongly about, so I hope some of you will drop by to contribute prompts!

posted this week:
The Storybook Tree (finished) Also available as a print on Imagekind
Snow-cat in winter (Torn world sketch)

tips: $80

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