June 19th, 2011


Continuing to work on icons today, and seriously thinking of making this an annual thing :) Icons are fun! There are still a few hours left if you'd like to request one!

I'm also slowly catching up with my reading list, including Eclipse Court by zyngasvryka (506 chapters so far o.O) and [personal profile] aldersprig's Addergoole which started it's ninth book this past week. Aldersprig has also been busy spawning new settings for her imagination to play in, one of which I've done a Story Sketch for, and another is the subject of the icon she requested.

In other news:
[personal profile] haikujaguar has released Clays beneath the skies, an illustrated collection of stories about her alien race, the Jokka.

[personal profile] ariestess will be offering special card readings for the summer solstice. She's done several readings for me, including a six-card spread for my birthday, and I've found them to be relevant and insightful.

ego_sideways is still waiting for some footage for our kickstarter video, but it sounds like it's going to be adorable ^.^

tips: $29

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