July 15th, 2011


I got a tip for my Diapering Dragons sketch! Thank you! I would have acknowledged my supporter yesterday, but I didn't go through all my e-mail before posting...

With nothing but rain in the forecast, of course I have to go out to run more errands today :P, but I'll continue to work on Shine On when I get back.

Some links:

kelkyag and [personal profile] aldersprig are continuing to discuss dragon sizes and growth and it seems to have spawned a new story idea! *glee* Aldersprig is already a very prolific writer, but I'm always happy to read more :)

[personal profile] ariestess is offering a free one-card draw until 1500 PDT, and is also taking commissions on more in-depth readings. She has several options for non-tarot divination, and I've been very pleased with the readings she's done for me.

[personal profile] moonvoice has posted ink drawings from her latest totems, and has one more commission slot available! The skill and speed with which she crafts these never fails to astound me o.O

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I hate being reminded of how sensitive I am to changes in the weather. When conditions are right and I'm alert and productive, it's easy to forget how quickly I crash when the air pressure drops and the temperature rises. This is the third day in a row that I've waken up to darkness and rain. Yesterday was warm and humid with scattered showers, and I spent most of the day struggling to stay awake and focused...so the Shine On sketch that I was hoping to have ready to post still isn't done. I'll be continuing to work on it today, and will probably take a day off from computer work tomorrow to do some sewing and start writing the post I need to make for Friday. Sometimes I really envy those of you who are writers and can turn out something worth reading in a matter of minutes :P

Speaking of which...

[personal profile] aldersprig has posted a convenient list of fics from her last prompted writing session, and is now doing what she calls a giraffe sale in which she offers to continue any written piece in exchange for $4 per 400 words.

muse fusion is open at torn world and members will be writing and drawing in response to prompts and questions until Tuesday! I may contribute something myself, if I can get through this foliage today...

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