July 21st, 2011


Not much to report here...just continuing with the drawing I started yesterday, so here's some stuff that's going on elsewhere:

[personal profile] aldersprig has posted Sharing Stories, a Dragons Next Door story that grew out of the discussion prompted by my Diapering Dragons sketch. *glee!*

The crowdfunding community is in the spotlight this week over on Livejournal, and [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has made a convenient list of the content posts that have been made so far.

haikujaguar is hosting an awesome party for her subscribers to get to know each other! This is the sort of thing that would be instantly overwhelming to me IRL, but I think doing it online is a fantastic idea! Threaded comments are the perfect format for it, too, since they make it possible to follow different conversations at a manageable pace.

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