August 6th, 2011


I'm working through the comment notifications that have accumulated over the past few days, and it looks like Elemental now has enough comments to be cleaned up! I've been wanting to work on the flame some more since I first drew it, thank you! wyld_dandelyon has promised to write more of her Feather-blessed series when I refine the sketch I did for her, so I'll be bumping it up in the queue to work on it between new prompts. (Yes, I can be bribed with stories. ^_^) I think translating the full-colour picture I imagined into a rough sketch left a lot unclear, so I'm glad to be able to fix it up a bit :)

Signal boosts for fellow crowdfunded artists:
ellenmillion will be taking prompts for abstract paintings on Tuesday, August 9. Tips go toward buying blackout curtains for the nursery she's building, and donors can send prompts in advance. Tips of various amounts can also earn you icons, original ACEOs and larger paintings!

flutterbychild is starting a new crowdfunded art project called Where do sketches go?. Help her turn her sketches into finished work!

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