August 13th, 2011


[personal profile] haikujaguar wrote a post about payment models for crowdfunding. She was specifically writing about fiction, but the "pay to vote" model she described got me thinking. I already do specific revisions in exchange for tips, of course, but maybe each tip could also count as a vote so that the sketch that has received the most tips gets another round of work...similar to my current perk for linkbacks. This is something I already track, so it wouldn't be difficult to implement using either the number of individual contributors, or the actual dollar amounts. The latter seems a bit less democratic, since it favours those who are most willing/able to spend money, but I do have other perks for non-cash support methods. What do you think?

[personal profile] ariestess is hosting a one card draw until midnight PDT. She has a variety of decks to choose from, and tipping gets you a chance to win a more in-depth reading.

[personal profile] aldersprig is holding a fiction sale! She has two stories available to be continued at a discounted rate of $4/500 words. Her other stories can be continued for $5 per 300 words.

ellenmillion is scanning her abstracts as they dry. You can still donate to get the available original ACEOs, or prints of any of them!

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