August 15th, 2011


I'm considering a couple of new perks for next month, and I'd like to know what you think.

One was inspired by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's post, and is for those of you who help with promotion: Some new commenters mention whose link they followed to find me, and I would like to start counting these to reward people for sending traffic my way. I am thinking something like "x number of referrals in a month can earn a free icon or equivalent amount of work on a sketch of your choice." Would something like that appeal to you? How many new participants/month seems fair?

The other is a variation on the "pay to vote" payment model described by [personal profile] haikujaguar. I already do specific revisions in exchange for tips, but I am thinking that each tip could also count as a vote, so that the sketch that has received the most tips gets another round of work...similar to my current perk for linkbacks. This is something I already track, so it wouldn't be difficult to implement using either the number of individual contributors, or the actual dollar amounts. The latter seems a bit less democratic, since it favours those who are most willing/able to spend money, but I do have other perks for non-cash support methods. What do you think?

My sketch of minor_architect's Wanted: One Gnome has feedback from enough people to get cleaned up :)

Congratulations to this week's icon winner: the_vulture! Teddy's visit to Australia will be the subject of my next sketch :)

wrenstarling is hosting a one-card draw from her bird oracle deck! Tips are appreciated but not required.

Stormy has posted a new chapter in her latest book. Epic danger is epic! And one of the characters may have sort of exploded...o.o

And just because it's adorable: [personal profile] moonvoice's latest commission is for a fairy penguin! Squee! I can't wait to see this one in colour. ^.^

Art from this week:
New icons!
The Reluctant Rescue (rough sketch)
Salt and Pepper (non-story, finished painting)
Feather-blessed (cleaned up sketch)

Tips: $5.00

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