August 17th, 2011


My sketch of Teddy in Australia is popular! Even Teddy himself seems to like it! :) I will be doing a cleaned-up version of this sketch, including more detail on all three pigs, so that should help stop Oliver from looking like a wing growing out of Horatio's back. And because the_vulture was kind enough to send me a tip, there will be a detail view along with the refined sketch. I've also added a link to the mall website with a little bit of info about the pig sculptures, since some of you were wondering about them.

In less happy news, the drain for the washing machine was clogged last night, and the water managed to leak through the wall from the laundry room to my kitchen. I spent my evening mopping a bucketful of water off the floor, and there's an unpleasant wet spot at the edge of the carpet >.< Oh least the floor is clean now :P

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