August 22nd, 2011


It's 17C and raining today! I never thought that would make me happy, but I'm really not a hot sunshine person :P Warm sunshine is nice, but I like long sleeves!

Anyway, this week's icon winner is [personal profile] aldersprig, and she's managed to announce it before I did, LOL. That's what happens when I get distracted before posting :P Help her choose a subject here.

I posted a sketch for stryck's Starlit Rays last night, and it's already just one commenter away from a cleaned up version! I also received a tip for it early this morning. Thank you! You guys are awesome :)

Art from this week:
Teddy's Terrific Travels (rough sketch)
The Henchmen's Hitch (rough sketch)
Sketchfest stuff (seven paintings this month!)
Starlit Rays (rough sketch)

Tips: $20

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