September 1st, 2011

status: new perks!

There are two new incentive perks starting this month! The first, for sponsors: the sketch that brings in the highest amount in tips over the course of the month will get an extra round of work. Unlike, the linkback perk, it is possible for the same sketch to receive this perk several months in a row.

The second, for promoters: You can now request an icon, or equivalent amount of work on a sketch of your choice for every three new commenters who mention that you sent them! This one's kind of experimental, so I'm not setting a time limit on it for now. I know some of you link to me often, and I'm interested in seeing how long it takes you to reach this goal if you're actually telling your readers to mention you.

I posted an updated version of Rin last night. This one took me a bit longer than I had planned, mostly because I kept struggling with the masochistic urge to render every blade of grass on the hilltop :P The perspective on the goat had been bugging me for awhile, so I'm very glad to have finally fixed it :)

Today's plan is to finish an icon and do some inking; ellenmillion asked me to contribute to the upcoming Torn World colouring book, so I need to get my pages done. If I have any time/energy left after that, Wanted: One Gnome is next on the list to be cleaned up, and I have a new prompt from [personal profile] aldersprig.

It seems I won a character adoption from [personal profile] kajones_writing! Kayleigh has a lot of interesting characters and settings to choose from, so it wasn't an easy decision, but I ended up picking Aurora, because I'd like to see more of her relationship with her world's royal family, and what happens with the secretly magical prince.

And finally, the response to yesterday's inquiry about crowdfunding a wacom inkling has been quite encouraging, so I will definitely have to give it more thought. [personal profile] jjhunter asked about icons, which makes me think that small, digitally coloured versions are something I could offer along with the ink drawings. Would that appeal?

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fanart: require:cookie

Stormy, the author of the epically geeky mirrorverse series, says that the pictures I sent her have been added to the site's banner rotation, so I can show them to you now! There are bigger versions at Require: Cookie, but it may take a few (dozen) page loads before any of them show up. There are a lot of chapters to read, so you're sure to see them all if you archive binge! </unsubtle hint>


Jones and Merlin:

Stef with a cookie:

Stef and Curt:

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