September 5th, 2011

status: changes to incentive perks (It's good news, don't worry!)

I'm making a slight change to the way I deal with sketch refinements as a perk. The current structure was based on the way I was taught to work in school...we were only ever asked to share sketches, studies, and finished pieces, and few people ever saw what happens in between. There's no reason you shouldn't, though! So, instead of treating the current targets as discrete stages, I'm going to work up to them incrementally, with one round of work for every $15 in tips I get for an image. The first five sessions will be used to bring the picture from sketch to finished value study, after which I will start either inking or colouring. I think this system will give me more freedom to do as much work as I can during a given session instead of worrying about whether I'm doing 'enough' or 'too much' for a particular stage. I still end up doing the same amount of work at the end, but patrons get to see the effects of their contributions sooner :) All other perks are still active.

Speaking of which...wyld_dandelyon has won an icon this week! Congratulations :)

I'll be posting an update to Wanted: One Gnome in a few minutes, and I'm working on revising my call for prompts to reflect the new perk structure.

Art from this week:
Diapering Dragons (update)
Rin (update)
Require:Cookie banners
One new icon added.

Tips: $10

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story sketch: wanted: one gnome [update: 09-05-2011]

This is from Wanted: One Gnome, a poem by minor_architect in which a gardener hires a gnome to stop the rabbits from raiding her vegetables. These characters also appear in sweet iced tea, when the garden gnome shares his expertise to add just the right amount of mint.

The garden gnome negotiates with a pair of rabbits

The garden gnome negotiates with a pair of rabbits
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