September 16th, 2011

status: my brain needs more ram >.<

First, many thanks to the_vulture for sending me another tip! Teddy will be getting more work and a couple more detail shots. Would anyone mind if I capped the number of details at six? It occurs to me that 15 might be a little excessive, and I could always post higher rez versions of any finished art.

Second...I've really been neglecting these status posts, haven't I? I've had a lot to do this week, and I've been suffering from the kind of insomnia where my brain refuses to shut down, but I'm too tired to use the extra waking hours productively. The sudden change of Vancouver moving back into the rainy season isn't helping much either. On the plus side, I finally found time to watch the second Kuroshitsuji musical. XD I liked it better than the first one, mostly because Yuuya Matsushita's singing voice has improved a lot since then. He was able to make it match the speaking voice he used instead of making Sebastian sound like something out of a teenage boy band (which is scary in its own way, but not quite right for the demon butler ^_^;).

I did manage to post an update to The Henchmen's Hitch on Wednesday, and I got decent start on refining Faerie Wedding yesterday, so I hope to have a new version up tonight or tomorrow.

One of the things I went out to do was get the Salt & Pepper pic reprinted on watercolour paper. A package of the paper I wanted would have cost over $80, so I had it done at Opus. All I can say is "Wow. Proper colour management is SWEET." The monitor and printer I have here are pretty good, but I don't have a Spyder, so even with Epson icc profiles the match isn't exact. This thing looks just like the soft proof they showed me when I brought in the file. And the paper texture (Arches Aquarelle Rag 240gsm, in case anyone's wondering) works beautifully with the visual texture from ArtRage. *squee!*

I'll be getting on a plane on Tuesday to visit my family in Montreal. I'm bringing my laptop and my tablet, but the presence of other humans (real people! O.O) means a lot of non-drawing related activity, and like most aspies, I'm rather prone to anxiety, so I've been worried about not getting things done on time...which is ridiculous because I have no deadlines. I haven't been setting any, thinking that they would make me feel rushed, but instead every new item on my to-do list has provoked a "ZOMG must do this NOW!!!" reaction. I have no idea where that's coming from...after all, I used to be so good at procrastinating! :P I'm going to try setting the unofficial turn-around time to one month from when a new prompt comes in, or a sketch earns a perk. It probably won't make a difference from your POV, but we'll see if it helps stave off the panic attacks. :P

I've been thinking about how to add the story sketches to my main website for several months now, and I think I'm going to have to reorganize the galleries using tags. My hosting service can handle mysql but all of the gallery scripts I've seen that have tags are also bloated with features I don't need. I crop my own thumbnails, don't need to manage multiple users, and I'd prefer to leave the commenting here on DW and LJ. I do need to be able to store the actual image files offsite (on amazon aws) and I'd like to be able to link related pics like details and in-progress versions when displaying an image. Any suggestions? Should I just learn to write it myself?

Okay, that turned into a really long post...I guess it makes up for the three days I missed :P

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