October 19th, 2011


I finished five pictures over the past week...you'd think that would be enough to keep me from feeling unproductive, but my brain is proving rather difficult to convince. It seems determined to make me feel guilty over getting hooked on My Little Pony. ^_^; (A couple episodes a day! While I eat! Nothing like the twelve-hour viewing marathons when I discovered Doctor Who...)

Unjustified guilt notwithstanding, I am back at work on on Story Sketches. There are a dozen images that I need to work on; mostly updates, but there are two new ones, courtesy of new prompter[personal profile] jjhunter! On the technical side, I've got a fair bit of e-mail to file, and some more programming and data entry to do to display the Story Sketches on my main website.

...and my neighbour from upstairs just knocked on the door to let me know that the laundry room drain is clogged again. Ack. At least we caught it before it flooded my kitchen this time...

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story sketch: starlit rays [update: 10-19-2011]

This sketch is based on stryck's beautiful short story, Starlit Rays, about a school of star rays, which are like manta rays that live in deep space and feed on stars. In this scene, a young star ray named Scyne becomes separated from the school when she chases after a comet for a snack.

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update: starlit rays

I don't think I'll be able to do a lot more with this without adding at least subtle colours, so depending on your feedback, I'm going to consider the value study done after 1-2 more sessions.

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