October 24th, 2011


It's Monday again, isn't it? I have to catch up on filing my e-mail so I can get back to picking weekly icon winners... I've been back for almost two weeks, but I'm still struggling to find my routine >.<

People have been writing to my prompts! [personal profile] kajones_writing posted this story from her Afterlife series, based on the Sacred Calling pic I did for SketchFest. See how a new spirit guide reacts to an angel!

[personal profile] aldersprig wrote this Dragons Next Door story in response to my prompt about a ghostly giraffe. She also posted a reply to my prompt about undead in the DND 'verse earlier in this Giraffe Call.

Art from this week:
Starlit Rays (update)
Five paintings from Sketchfest
Molly and Hel (update)

Tips this month: $15

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