October 31st, 2011


Happy Hallowe'en to those of you who celebrate it!

I'm pleased to announce that the website coding I've been working on is now complete! The pictures at mikaspace.net are now organized with tags, the Story Sketches have all been uploaded, and images now display on individual pages with user-friendly URLs! This fellow, for example:

can now be found at http://www.mikaspace.net/gallery/sketchfest/bunny-death !

Congratulations to this week's icon winners, [personal profile] clare_dragonfly and laffingkat! I'll be including everyone who left feedback in the past month in the commenter pool and picking two winners per week in November, to make up for all the ones I missed.

Art from this week:
Rin (update)
Restoration (update)

Tips this month: $20

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