November 10th, 2011


I'm off to the library to pick up another book on children's book (writing and) illustration. I've been reading a lot on this topic lately, and it's amazing how much some things have changed since most of the books I've found were published. They're still talking about sending slides or transparencies, faxing sketches, and scheduling visits to publishers for in-person portfolio reviews. A few still say that it's rare for interior illustrations to use more than 1-2 colours. Nearly all picture books these days have four colour printing inside and out, some use extra spot colours in the text or special effects like metallic inks and spot gloss on the covers. All of the current submission guidelines I've come across call for high quality prints, electronic files, and links to online portfolios. (If you're wondering why I bother reading outdated books, it's because they still do have useful information...things like the principles of composition, character design, and storytelling aren't dependent on technology.)

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith is seeking suggestions for themes for her monthly Poetry Fishbowl. She's also posted the rest of the poems from her latest fishbowl, and the conclusions of the epic poems Igor's Creature and Will Not.

[personal profile] ariestess is offering a one-card draw for the full moon. She has three decks to choose from, and donating gives you a chance to win a more in-depth reading.

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