January 29th, 2012

another portrait, and some news!

It's been quite an eventful day. When last I posted, Lorelei's kickstarter project was halfway through the allotted time, and just 36% of the way to its goal. It didn't go up by much yesterday, and ego_sideways and I were getting just a teensy bit nervous.

Well, last night, a patron who chooses to remain anonymous contacted us with a generous offer: they will match all pledges and increases in pledges made in the next week, up to a total of $3000. The announcement this morning prompted a flurry of activity, and I'm happy to say that we're back on track, with $4859 pledged! That's over $1600 dollars in one day.

That also means we need just a little over one thousand dollars in new pledges over the rest of this week to make it to our goal. If you know anyone who has been considering backing this project, but has not yet done so, please encourage them to do so now!

In related news, Lorelei's friend Tanuki Jiro (seen in my previous post wearing a dragon mask for new year) now has his own Facebook page! Lorelei herself also has a page, in case you haven't seen it. :)

And finally, as tempting as it was to spend the day mashing the refresh button to see if the kickstarter total had gone up, I did manage to finish and upload a second painting to EMG Portrait Adoption. Ellen says that her goal of 12 new portraits this month has already been met (and far surpassed!) so I think I'll put the third one I'm planning on hold for a few days to do some long overdue Story Sketch updates.

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