February 7th, 2012

status: catching up

I've been working on bringing my tracking up-to-date, and I've realized that Teddy is fully funded, I've missed several months of linkback updates, and I forgot to pick icon winners again yesterday. :P In other words, I haven't done a very good job at keeping organized.

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith recently requested that I post a list of StorySketches in the queue, to help my regular prompters keep track of what they've submitted. I'm going to expand that idea to include all the art and art-related tasks on my to-do list, which will probably be more efficient than my current method of scribbling in my notebook and sketchpad. That'll probably go up later today, and I'll add it to the memories for my journal. I just have to figure out what information to include and how I want to format it.

This week's icon winners (before I forget to do it again :P) are [personal profile] the_vulture and [personal profile] dulcinbradbury! Congratulations! I'll PM you after I post this.

The sketch of Chevenga that I posted yesterday is already up to 22 comments (including mine)! I love it when my audience responds with both enthusiasm and specific feedback! :D

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The queue

Art and art-related tasks that I need to work on. I generally try to do stuff with deadlines first, and then everything else in the order it gets requested, though I may shuffle things around a bit to get a mix of updates vs. new stuff, or to ensure that I'm working on stuff from from different prompters and projects.

Story Sketches
To be updated
Pacifica and Sophie[personal profile] heavenscalyx6 Commenters 03-08-2012
Teddy's Terrific Travels[personal profile] the_vultureFully funded 01-31-2012
Mother-Tongue[personal profile] jjhunter6 Commenters 02-03-2012
unfolding wings[personal profile] ysabetwordsmithlinkback perk catchup
Feather-Blessed[personal profile] wyld_dandelyonlinkback perk catchup
Diapering Dragons[personal profile] alderspriglinkback perk catchup
Shine On[personal profile] ysabetwordsmithlinkback perk catchup
The Deep Inks[personal profile] alderspriglinkback perk catchup
The Mirror Crack'd[personal profile] wonder_citysponsored update +1 detail
Nothing here! Leave a prompt

[personal profile] wyld_dandelyonred haired muse
[personal profile] dulcinbradburyawaiting prompt

Kitty Duckling printto be confirmed

The Mouth's Calendarmini paintings based on poem by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Paper and Tigertentative- watercolour sketches based on poem by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Lorelei backer rewards
Lorelei has a Dream eBooksfor iBooks & Kindle Fire & nook color (?)
update database at mikaspace.net

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