February 9th, 2012

Signal boost! Other people's art

djinni is taking requests for free icons again! Tipping is optional, but gets you perks like additional or larger sized icons depending on the amount.

flutterbychild is taking one word prompts for sketches with the theme of "black gold". Tips go toward funding her travel expenses for school, and get you entered into a draw for a print of her art.

shadows_gallery is offering character portraits at a discounted price of $5! She's also followed my example and posted her backlog of art projects. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing how the waterfall turns out. :)

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story sketch: dragon next door [update: 02-09-2012]

This is a sketch of Audrey, the human(oid) narrator of [personal profile] aldersprig's Dragons Next Door setting, talking to her neighbour Zizny Smith over the wall that separates their properties. This conversation is still ongoing, and continues in the black tower, the pumpkin, skeletons, rule three, and dwimors!

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