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sketchfest stuff

Six paintings this month. I had ideas for a few others, but couldn't get my sleep deprived brain to form proper images >.< As always, these are all available for sponsorship and/or print requests!

prompt: This Is How We Roll

prompt: hot blood

prompt: Sweet dreams...

prompt: Dead Pirate's Pet

prompt: Crying wolf

prompt: I am the walrus

If you like these pictures, please consider leaving a tip! Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated :)

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I do like 'This Is How We Roll'.

Two comments:

1) I should include a verse in Makes A Friend about how Lorelei has learned better than to read recipe books before sleep. Let's see . . .

"Taking a cookbook to bed proved unwise.
I spent all night dreaming of cookies and pies."

Eh, needs work, but hey.

2) That walrus is an expert gloater. He needs a good Bond villain name. Professor Pinniped? Dr Tusk? Baron Von Blubber?

Re: Two comments:

eee! I'll need to clean up the Lorelei pic if we do end up using it...