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sketchfest stuff

Here's this month's batch of ≤ 1 hour paintings. I managed six yesterday, and actually got up in time to do a seventh!

...for dinner
prompt: A Bird Could Love A Fish...

prompt: EEEK. Stomp!

Lorelei has a picnic
prompt: A Hedgehog's Picnic Basket

prompt: Just bitten

prompt: Unusual Illumination

prompt: Painting Nails

prompt: your dream vehicle

You can sponsor any of these if you'd like to see them finished!

Crossposted from Dreamwidth. Comments are welcome either here or there.


Eek! is adorable, and your illumination, unusual or no, is beautiful. :-D
Thank you! I was really happy when I discovered the gold leaf in ArtRage, so I'm glad I had an excuse to use it again!
It's awfully neat, yes!
These are really nice! My favorites are the dragon and the hedgehog. So cute! Particularly the dragon. That's a tame version of what I look like when I discover a spider or roach in my house. X-D I'm not even brave enough to stomp. Great expression!
Thanks! The the dragon and the hedgehog are both characters from my storybook :)
These are so beautiful. I love how the hands holding the nails came out. Gosh, it'd take me more than an hour just to find references so I could make a pass at doing stuff like this. :)
Thank you! Reference for the hands was actually really easy to find...I just used the ones attached to my arms :)