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story sketch: restoration [update: 10-29-2011]

This sketch was requested by minor_architect and depicts a scene from [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's Monster House poem, Restoration. The cold little radiator dragon has been placed in the oven in the hope that the heat will revive it, while the monsters from under-the-bed and in-the-closet peer through the window.

previous version:

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Thank you!

Whee, someone else requested an illustration of my work!

I just love the perspective on this one, looking over the dragon and out the oven. I knew this would make a great scene, but I couldn't figure out how to make it work as a picture because from the other side, all you'd see would be the backs of the monsters' heads. This is a brilliant solution.

The dragon is also quite well done, with the serpentine appearance. Further refinements: I'd like to see his tiny little paws, and the texture sharpened so that the rill on the back is clearly scales/spines. Right now it looks kind of furry. His texture is scaly, like a snake or a lizard, and I like the idea of that rill down the back, which could reasonably be the kind of scales that are semi-erectile spines. Here's a good view of iguana spines, which are often used as inspiration for dragons:
Also, antique radiators used to have lovely scrollwork on them, and his scale patterns subtly reflect that. If the picture proves popular enough to reach that level of detail, here are some examples:

I really like the worried expression on the lower of the two monsters. Both of them look appropriately fluffy, with huge expressive eyes and sharp teeth. However, their shape is more akin to a sasquatch than to Gossamer:
So, more of a rounded head on a short neck, rather than a face directly in the body; and thicker arms, hands with fingernails that are a bit claw-like. The monster-under-the-bed also has extra arms, but that wouldn't really be visible here. The body shape can probably be tweaked if the picture goes to revision -- they are mostly outlines at this early stage.