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story sketch: restoration [update: 10-29-2011]

This sketch was requested by minor_architect and depicts a scene from [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's Monster House poem, Restoration. The cold little radiator dragon has been placed in the oven in the hope that the heat will revive it, while the monsters from under-the-bed and in-the-closet peer through the window.

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That dragon is ADORABLE! Though he dies need legs and wings to look less like a snake.

And the monsters look so comically worried. But really, putting a dragon in the oven is a good idea!


He has little stubby legs, but not wings. I think the horns and the little rill of spines down his back are also helpful for distinguishing him from an actual snake. But he is a serpentine sort of dragon, more similar to eastern than western structure.