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Signal boost!

I've had a post in-progress for several days now, that I'm struggling to get done amidst all the distractions (planets! pie! IRL people!) but here's some stuff to check out in the meantime!

It's Muse Fusion weekend at torn_world.

[personal profile] ariestess is hosting a free one-card draw until 1800 PDT.

The sixth Crowdfunding Creative Jam is open on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, with a theme of "blood".

Crossposted from Dreamwidth. Comments are welcome either here or there.


Thank you for the signal boost!

Any chance you'll be able to do any sketching, yhing or writing for the Muse Fusion this week? No pressure, you sound busy, but you'd be welcome!
I hope so! Sea Monster month is approaching! :) What does yhing mean?
Dang typos!

How about "creating anything"?

Sea Monster stuff would be VERY welcome.