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sewing project: teddy bear vest

A little while ago I came across a vest made of teddy bear fabric. It didn't fit quite right, and felt a bit unfinished without a lining, but it was really cute and only ~$5, so I got it anyway, thinking it would make a good base for a sewing project. After a trip to the fabric store, and a few hours with my sewing machine, I had an inner vest, made and added a ribbon to the back and put a bit of red trim in front to match, and (with thanks to my dad for giving me his 'old' DSLR) I'm happy to be able to share the results!

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That is a very cute vest.


That is a gorgeous example of working WITH something rather than scrapping it.

And I'd love to use it for cosplaying, but you're waay more petite than I am, so I'll just drool a little and think wishful thoughts.